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Host Europe Group & Their Services


Host Europe Group is one of the largest managed hosting providers in the world. They have various services to offer the users such as mass hosting, managed hosting, their own state of the art Data Center as well as the media center. By making effective use of the latest advancements in the field of website hosting, and constantly updating their services, they are currently leading the industry. Every HEG brand offers simple and easy web solutions to drive businesses toward success for all their customers.

Intro of hosting company

Currently, HEG is the largest hosting provider in Europe. The company is privately owned. It is also the largest and most important domain registrar in Great Britain and the largest managed hosting provider in Germany, and second largest in Europe. They presently own no less than seven data center facilities in the US and Europe supported efficiently by more than 1,000 employees. Its customer base is a whopping 1.7 million, and they manage domain names in excess of seven million, making this unique organization the second largest managed hosting provider in the entire Europe.

They maintain highly innovative and efficient Data Centers in the US and Europe. A data center actively supports their customer web services and websites. This is because it is vital for businesses to be backed by secure and dependable infrastructure from a trustworthy provider.

They have built their Data Centers with their customers in mind. Thus their business is a significant part of a highly secure network infrastructure, and as such their systems don’t rely on any third party solutions. This means they are able to maintain complete control over the services that they offer to their customers. In this way, their customers’ businesses are supported by an extremely safe network of infrastructure. Because of this arrangement, HEG can also have total control over the quality of service that they offer to their customers and that too at very reasonable and affordable rates.

Their onsite personnel have set up exceptionally high security measures that include wide-ranging CCTV coverage, online firewall protection, ultra strict access control, advanced fire detection as well as suppression systems. This keeps customers’ data totally secure, even if some unforeseen and uncontrollable disaster occurs which is beyond their control.

What type of hosting they provide

The Host Europe GroupThe Host Europe Group deals in dedicated hosting practices. They have two types of hosting, viz., mass hosting and managed hosting. They also provide shared and WordPress hosting. HEG’s hosting in general has its focus on a whole host of businesses that are looking for easily accessible as well as fully automated tools, in order to handle and enhance their presence on the internet.

HEG’s products include registration of domain names, web hosting, reseller hosting, server hosting, website builders, security as well as marketing tools that assist the customers in growing their businesses. This is done by simplifying the procedure of transforming an idea into sound online business by providing easy-to-use and uncomplicated configurations.

Payment terms

HEG’s payment terms are highly competitive considering their superior service. Payment is mostly customized to suit the requirements of the customers so that they don’t pay for anything that they don’t need.

Customer service

HEG pays close attention to the needs of the customer and then go on to provide them with tools that are necessary for success. They then support this by means of industry-leading customer support locally whenever they require it.

They have dedicated teams that effectively deliver the necessary customer support. The support team gives special emphasis to all customers who require assistance of a higher level. These services enable customers who are not technical savvy to develop their business more easily.