Review of paragon

Paragon- the ultimate Online Revolution

Of all the games produced by Epic games, Paragon stands out, and the free to play online multiplayer platform gives the players an opportunity to battle it out.


Epic Games did spend a lot of time refining the game’s fundamentals. The first timers are offered many features that are in the league of similar games, meaning that further development that is underway will make it top in the group. The amazing graphics coupled with fast-paced aspects make the game a darling of those in similar online platforms. The skill based combat and well-designed heroes are a plus of this game. Besides this fantastic side, Paragon’s community may be somehow harassing at times. The game still needs some sort of ranked play.

Introduction of Hosting Company

Paragon Internet groupParagon Internet group is the fastest growing hosting company that specializes in technology used behind the scenes and customer support. The high organic growth with over a million websites for more than 120,000 customers has been an indicator of the success of this group. With offices in both UK and Bulgaria, there are more than 100 team members who focus on ensuring that the hosting is as seamless as possible. The team is a family of people with the same goal making their web hosting the best.

What Type of Hosting They Provide

Cloud hosting is what the group provides to the customers and their focus is on efficiency, reliability, ease of use, and sustainability in the long term has been a significant driving force in the provision of the cloud platform. This cloud hosting utilizes the best of cloud computing that enables an unlimited number of machines to act as a single system. The shared processing and data makes the cloud platform perfect for serving the scores of clients. The one million plus customers need a platform that can efficiently serve them while maintaining a high quality of service.

Payment Terms

Several platforms are useful for payment for services utilized. The use of credit or debit cards online is the most commonly used method. PayPal and Bacs / cheques can also be used to pay for the services. Sending of the cheque to the group requires the use of the account as the reference number. It is imperative to note that direct debit payments are not acceptable as a payment method. The effectiveness of the payment system ensures coordination between paying for a service and access to the service by a client.

Customer Service

Noticeable is the dedicated customer service that aims at ensuring you get what you need at the most affordable price, and this is such a great advantage offered by the group. Their availability and willingness to assist their clients is a feature that has kept the customers satisfied and happy. The quality of customer service is notable because of the customer oriented approach that ensures clients get the best. There are agents available to sort out any issues and there is a house call button that is only used when speaking with a customer care representative. The number of the teams or representatives serves at the group offices to ensure every customer is best served.

In brief, the introduction of the hosting services that are based on the cloud hosting platform are a major boost to ensure that the service offered is not compromised by the numbers. With the various payment methods available, the ability to use the services is made available to everyone, no matter what their location. The platforms for payments are the common techniques that have been in use in online transactions over the recent years. Effective customer service to provide help when needed makes use of these services as satisfying as possible.