Shared webhosting

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Why Go for Shared Hosting?

Shared webhosting

A Shared Webhosting service is basically a service that hosts a number of websites owned by different customer on a single web server that is linked directly to the Internet. This is the most economical webhosting plan, since the cost of maintaining the server is shared by a number of customers.

The hosting provider is responsible for system administration and maintains the server as several users are sharing it; this in itself provides a lot of benefits to those who do not want to trouble themselves with system administration, but proves to be an obstacle to all power users who want to have control of their websites themselves. Shared hosting is not suitable for users who are into software development. If the webhosting service is a shared one, nearly all the applications that are meant for a standard webserver will work well on the server.

Shared hosting is considerably less expensive than all other kinds of hosting like dedicated servers and VPS. Shared hosting in general comes with usage restrictions and hosting providers have to provide a lot of features. These features usually include web statistics support, auto installation of scripts, e-mail and web mail services, duly updated MySQL and PHP, and technical support. It typically comes with a system of web-based control panels like Plesk, cPanel, InterWorx, DirectAdmin, H-Sphere etc. Major hosting companies have their own customized control panels.

Benefit of shared hosting

For most people, the benefit of shared web hosting offsets its disadvantages; however, choosing this service depends on your specific requirements and the size of your proposed site. The greatest benefit by far is that shaSHARED HOSTINGred hosting is inexpensive and this is what makes it attractive to most buyers. Apart from this, there is no need for you do any technical maintenance on the host server while running your apps or programs. For almost all the websites found on the Internet, shared hosting is the appropriate solution, as it is considerably a cheaper option, and doesn’t need administration skills of Linux operating system.

If you decide to go for shared webhosting, all you have to do is to upload your website and configure it to make it go live. Shared hosting providers in general offer Control Panel that is web based and easy to use. This makes it almost like child’s play to upload your website, create e-mail accounts and build a database. It will save you a lot of time and stress if you are not responsible for undertaking server maintenance.

Servers in general use a software bundle called LAMP or Linux which reflects the security and reliability of open source software like Apache and Linux. Then there are providers who have come up with their own solutions based on Microsoft Windows or FreeBSD.

Shared hosting services can be found in the form of small companies as well as multimillion-dollar providers serving innumerable customers. Many are promoted and marketed using PPC or pay per click advertising or affiliate programs, although some are also non-profit in nature.

Why host sites locally

It is comparatively better to choose a shared hosting service in your own country. This will enable you to have an efficient website as well as email hosting service. Besides, your website will load faster if the shared hosting servers are located as near to you and your customers as possible. It will also make it more stable and easy to use.

Shared hosting providers in UK

There are a number of shared hosting providers in the world, particularly in UK, however some are better and more reliable than others. Here is a list of top shared hosting providers in the UK:

  • eHosting
  • iPage
  • 123Reg
  • Bluehost
  • Justhost