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A Review of United Internet’s Hosting


United Internet hosting has been providing quality hosting to customers since the year 1998. They have an excellent track record and have a strong reputation when it comes to hosting. They currently host more than 80,000 sites on their dedicated web page.

Intro of hosting company

If youunited internet are looking for a good quality solution to your hosting needs to run your business, then there is no better option out there. All customers are satisfied by their customer service and product offerings. No matter what kind of website you need to host, this company will certainly be able to host it for you.

They offer a 100% uptime guarantee for their dedicated servers and their cloud hosting. This is remarkable and even though there are chances of downtime, it is a very rare experience. They use only the highest quality of software and hardware to ensure everything stays stable for as long as possible. Their customer support does a terrific job of monitoring services most of the issues are fixed before they can cause downtime.

What type of hosting they provide

They offer some remarkable features which are hard to find elsewhere. There is a 100% uptime guarantee, already mentioned above, offsite backups for all of your data, spam protection and a whole lot more. If you go in for shared hosting, you can choose from four different options that offer between 200 MB and 2 GB of disk space. You also get unlimited databases and mailboxes as well as 5 to 20 GB of bandwidth.

As far as their cloud services are concerned, there are some great uptime guarantees on offer in that area too. They make sure you always get the right type of hosting specifically for your needs. They offer the highest levels of scalability to suit your requirements. While choosing a hosting plan, you can pretty much set up a server of your own and fine tune it to meet your every need.

They have a number of dedicated hosting packages so If you are looking for control and power offered by dedicated hosting, this is the option you should consider. The prices are not too high although there is a setup fee. But considering the benefits on offer, this should not be much of a setback.

Payment terms

In terms of prices, their services are quite reasonable. The only thing that you may find inconvenient is, as mentioned above, that they charge setup fees whenever it comes to dedicated servers. Even though this is quite understandable, most other providers do not charge a setup fee. But, considering what you’re getting, you will find their packages to be priced quite reasonably.

Customer Service

The customer service team is easy to contact, and they are prompt with their responses. If you ever require assistance with any issue that you are facing, you can give them a call, or you can open a support ticket. You could also fill out one of their online forms and receive the help you require. If you are looking at learning more about any of their services or about hosting, there is tons of documentation available on their website which will help you get a good idea of everything that you need to know.

There isn’t much to complain about this hosting company. They do a great job with all of their hosting packages, and their prices are very reasonable too. They have almost been around for 20 years so you can be rest assured that they know what they’re doing. If you’re looking for a good hosting provider, United Hosting is definitely the best option for you to consider.